Application report

"We save approximately 30 minutes loading time per vehicle."


Ewald Heimann, Operations Manager,
G.ELSINGHORST Stahl und Technik GmbH GmbH in Bocholt

G. Elsinghorst Stahl und Technik GmbH in Bocholt

VarioSAVE enables form-fit loading on several levels. Additional lashing equipment is rarely required. The resulting time savings inspire many of our customers: “We save approximately 30 min loading time per vehicle when pre-loading our delivery vehicles in the evening”, says Ewald Heimann, Operations Manager of G. ELSINGHORST Stahl und Technik GmbH in Bocholt, one of the first VarioSAVE customers in Germany with over 20 vehicles.

The use of VarioSAVE for mixed loadings in regional supplier transport is particularly efficient.
“Ten minutes of cargo securing time at each unloading point at the customer‘s site can thus be definitely saved. With four to six unloading points a day, this saves up to five hours of cargo securing time per week and vehicle”, Heimann continues.

Perfect workflow: Loading and unloading with VarioSAVE

Benefit from:

  • high time gain
  • strong cost savings
  • reliable order processes
  • a maximized system flexibility
  • competitive prices
  • high customer satisfaction
  • Quality "Made in Germany"
  • higher profit

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