Certified pallet stop bars in steel and aluminum with various options


Different requirements have to be met depending on the application in order to implement the perfect solution for shippers, drivers and loading.

Our accessories repertoire VarioPARTS is also growing constantly and rounds off our VarioFRAME product range ever more comprehensively and can also be used on your vehicles for outfitting or retrofitting following a technical consultation.

Both variants presented here are certified according to DIN EN 12642 and according to the Daimler Load Securing Guideline 9.5.

Steel version:

In conjunction with our lashing bracket external frame, this variant can be retrofitted at any time or quickly replaced if damaged. It can be used continuously, or interrupted with lashing brackets or in sections. It also has integrated 2000 daN lashing points and is loadable with an incredible 2300 daN per meter of load length. We were unable to apply the required force in order to take this system to its limits even with the support of the TÜV (German technical inspectorate).

Aluminum version:

This version is used in conjunction with our combination ram protection. A significant advantage is the simple loading and unloading since the aluminum version can be completely removed. This is possible through the load pressure detection in conjunction with self-securing. It has been tested independent of length and is therefore not bound to any lateral field lengths.

A combination with all conventional V-slats is readily possible. Similarly, the optional combination with our external frame for lashing brackets and our inclined external frame with double row of holes. Damaged stop bars can be replaced here at any time.

We would like to take this opportunity to point out our combination ram protection to you.

It includes the certified pallet stop bar, but also fulfils a number of functions even without it. It can include standard V-slats and be installed in conjunction with our board walls. In addition, it comes equipped with 2000 daN airline lashing points upon request.

We’ve made the assembly of the divided rear boards easier for you in the next topic.

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