Divided rear board wall fully prepared and mountable with little effort

Geteilte Heckbordwände

As part of our product expansion, we are able to immediately offer rear board walls in a version divided into multiple parts as standard in our VarioFRAME system. Divisions of up to two middle stanchions at the rear are possible. The board walls are delivered made to measure in the desired height, fully fitted in the corresponding version We can optionally offer Hestal or Kinnegrip stanchions.

We have already provided various hole profiles for the stanchion bearings to be mounted: 2 or 3 fold division and 1/3 divisions for unevenly long boards.

We are available as usual to discuss this particular solution. Please get in touch with us.

If you are interested, still have questions or would like some advice, then simply contact our VarioSOLUTIONS team. They will be happy to assist you!

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