That is how fast you can build with VarioFRAME vehicle construction kits!

Everything is included in the Vario transport frame: Gantries (≤ 2.5 m, pre-assembled) side walls, screen printing plates, perfectly matched mounting kits and accessories.
The finished gantries are lifted with the supplied special belt and placed directly on the previously placed auxiliary framework.

Now you can fix the gantries and the end carriage to the auxiliary frame using brackets.
Various special brackets for fixing on your own auxiliary framework (for example, crane vehicles or special auxiliary frames) can be supplied.

The next step is to pre-assemble the outer framework (in the lashing bracket or slanted hole version) and install the platform equipment (for example, the VarioSAVE cargo securing system). Then you must attach the second outer frame, align the gantries perpendicular to the platform and tighten the connection to the outer frame and the brackets on the auxiliary framework. No further post adjustment work on the gantries is necessary!

The last thing to do is to set the centre post locations, hang in posts, set the side wall hinges, hang in side walls and assemble add-on parts and accessories.

You have completed it. The basic construction of the superstructure is finished!

Benefit from:

  • high time gain
  • strong cost savings
  • reliable order processes
  • a maximized system flexibility
  • competitive prices
  • high customer satisfaction
  • Quality „Made in Germany“
  • higher profit

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