CS Kit

VarioFRAME CS-Kit - Features
# CS Kit - Features
1 High-quality Versus Omega branded canopy, optional sliding roof or fixed roof, optional with external unlocking devices
2 Sturdy steel curtain sider corner cornerings
3 Pre-assembled gantries
4 Portale for Volume front wall (saddle)
5 HESTAL VarioMaster
6 Adaptable to external canopies due to variable roof strap holders
7 High-quality aluminium rear gantry doors
8 Preparation for platform gate, platform gate guide with integrated climbing aid and circumferential sealing system
9 Control damper, with sliding roof traveling along
10 Various tarpaulin tensioning possibilities

„VarioFRAME CS Kit“ offers the following advantages:

  • Stable steel cornerings, S355MC material
  • Shortest assembly times through:
    • Reducing the number of components
  • End carriage front and rear symmetrical and therefore interchangeable - available for:
    • Fixed walls standard and volume
    • Gantry door
    • Loading side wall
    • Open with integrated stops for Diagonal bracing
  • Compatibility with accessory programs from well-known manufacturers such as:
    • allsafe (fittings, double decker system ...)
    • HESTAL
  • Optional sliding roof or fixed roof
  • Canopy also opens from the front as an option
  • Universal adapter for connecting external roofs available

Profitieren Sie von:

  • hohem Zeitgewinn
  • starker Kosteneinsparung
  • entspannten Auftragsabläufen
  • einer maximierten Systemflexibilität
  • konkurrenzfähigen Preisen
  • hoher Kundenzufriedenheit
  • Qualität „Made in Germany“
  • höherem Gewinn

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