VarioFRAME Curtainsider


VarioFRAME Curtainsider Beispiel
# Curtainsider - Features
1 High-quality Versus Omega branded canopy, optional sliding roof or fixed roof, optional with external unlocking devices
2 Sturdy steel curtain sider corner cornerings
3 Pre-assembled gantries
4 Portale for Volume front wall (saddle)
5 HESTAL VarioMaster
6 Adaptable to external canopies due to variable roof strap holders
7 High-quality aluminium rear gantry doors
8 Preparation for platform gate, platform gate guide with integrated climbing aid and circumferential sealing system
9 Control damper, with sliding roof traveling along
10 Various tarpaulin tensioning possibilities
11 Can be equipped with dropsides, also certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL

The product „VarioFRAME Curtainsider“ also contains in addition to the properties of the floor assembly:

  • Shortest assembly times due to :
    • Reducing the number of components
    • Pre-assembled gantries ex works (equipped with attachment points for forklift or crane)
  • End carriage front and rear symmetrical and therefore interchangeable – available for:
    • Fixed walls standard and volume
    • Gantry door
    • Loading side wall
    • Folding wall
    • Open with integrated stops for Diagonal bracing
    • and all with integrated VarioSAVE system
  • Compatibility with accessory programs from well-known manufacturers such as:
    • allsafe (fittings, double-decker system ...)
    • Hestal
    • Papid



Steel curtain sider cornering with tension ratchet, suitable for side walls

Benefit from:

  • high time gain
  • strong cost savings
  • reliable order processes
  • a maximized system flexibility
  • competitive prices
  • high customer satisfaction
  • Quality „Made in Germany“
  • higher profit

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