VarioFRAME Floor


VarioFRAME Floor - Eigenschaften
# Floor - Features
1 High-quality aluminium/zinc coating MicroZINQ 5
2 Markings as assembly aids: left/right, centre, assembly line, positioning point
3 Including push plates and chassis consoles
4 Independent screw level chassis/cross member
5 Lashing bracket according to DIN 12640 2,500 daN eff.
6 2 outer framework types
7 Transverse beam infinitely adjustable
8 End carriage front and rear symmetrical
9 3 auxiliary framework heights and mounting on external auxiliary frames possible
New! Low-profile design

The floor assembly  VarioFRAME Floor“ is designed for the products „VarioFRAME Platform“ and „VarioFRAME Curtainsider“

The VarioFRAME Floor floor assembly is available in standard construction (established transverse beams) as well as in low-profile design with mounted transverse beams on the auxiliary framework or chassis framework in conjunction with our galvanised add-on components, also in conjunction with VarioSAVE! A completely bolted low-profile design in connection with our auxiliary frameworks is in preparation.

Cargo securing system VarioSAVE easy to integrate
Cargo securing system VarioSAVE easy to integrate


  • Infinitely variable adjustability of almost all components – material S355MC
  • Shortest assembly times
  • Length adjustment in 1 mm steps possible
  • Auxiliary framework spacing for all common chassis widths and special vehicles
  • Two outer framework types available: “Standard” + “Oblique”, 27 mm and 40 mm drop in the floor
  • Integration of VarioSAVE in almost any orientation and number
  • Hole patterns available for the assembly of all types, system components and attachments
  • End carriage front and rear symmetrical and therefore interchangeable – available for:
    • Standard
    • Gantry door
    • Loading side wall
    • Folding wall
    • Volume front wall (saddle) and each with integrated VarioSAVE system
  • Screen printing plates in Finnish quality, coated with 220 g/m²
    • Sealed all around
    • No milling work necessary
    • Anti-slip floor with μ >= 0,7
    • Preparation for aluminium floors (laid crosswise)

Benefit from:

  • high time gain
  • strong cost savings
  • reliable order processes
  • a maximized system flexibility
  • competitive prices
  • high customer satisfaction
  • Quality „Made in Germany“
  • higher profit

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