Cross member

The floor assembly is now complete in combination with our cross members, outer frameworks and endcarriages. Our standard cross member for welding is 80 mm high and produced out of 4 mm fine-grain steel S355MC.

Again, you can choose between cross members with flange plates – for screwing onto our outer framework with a row of holes – or cross members without flange plates for welding.

With both versions you will find the usual hole pattern across the entire width for mounting accessories and attachments, such as:

  • VarioSAVE – longitudinal beam
  • lashing bracket through the loading area
  • fixers for side wall stops
  • tool boxes
  • tanks
  • etc.

VarioSAVE – cross member

With our cross members to be screwed or the cross members from the 100.0150.xxxxx series, there are endless possibilities for the floor assembly. All of this can be combined with our mounting kits if required..

We have everything you need!

You can combine our screw kits with the welding components. You can decide where it makes more sense to screw or weld.

Upon request, we will deliver the logically-sorted mounting kits with the other parts.

We will be happy to advise you on the optimal configuration! Our experience will guide you when it comes to assembly and cost optimisation.

VarioSAVE cargo securing traverse with flange profile, compatible with VarioFRAME kits
VarioSAVE cargo securing traverse with flange profile, compatible with VarioFRAME kits

Gegevens - VarioPARTS

Optioneel met bevestigingsmateriaal voor de belastingszone in het VarioSAVE®-systeem

Anti-slip bar 120 x 100 mm of 100 x 80 mm, met certificaat voor de schuifwrijvingscoëfficiënt


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