VarioTAIL, the mounted butterfly valve

Compatible with Versus-Omega sliding roofs, our butterfly valve offers functionality at excellent value for money. Lightweight construction materials with anodised aluminium profile edging, a sturdy hollow sealing system and chrome-nickel fittings make the butterfly valve unique on the market. Because the complete flap mechanism is fastened to the rear panel and not to the hood’s rear header, as is the case with our competitors, the flap can be easily adapted to almost any other hood without our hood system or rear panel.

VarioTAIL-butterfly valve
VarioTAIL-butterfly valve

Profiteren van:

  • hoge tijdwinst
  • sterke kostenbesparingen
  • betrouwbare orderprocessen
  • een maximale systeemflexibiliteit
  • zeer goede prijzen
  • hoge klanttevredenheid
  • Kwaliteit "Made in Germany"
  • hogere winst

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